How to Renew License on PS3

How to Renew License on PS3

The PlayStation Store gives games and recordings to clients to download onto the PS3 hard drive. All of the substance you buy and download with your Renew License on PS3 account is put away by the framework for future reference. On the off chance that you eradicated a download from the PS3 hard drive, you can reestablish it to the hard drive without buying it once more. A rundown of downloaded content is available from the PS3 menu.

On the off chance that you at any point end up in the Factory Reset Google WiFi circumstance, you can constantly depend on a pre-made programming to fix your concern. However, knowing how in the world to utilize it is another story!

For a great many people, the issue settled itself. Others tracked down karma in reestablishing licenses however since this is by all accounts a server-related blunder on Sony’s side, reestablishing licenses will not really work. … From the Home screen, go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [Restore Licenses].

This mistake demonstrates you’re losing association with the Internet while playing a game connected to your record. Subsequently, your Renew License on PS3 console can’t confirm the license from Sony, henceforth the blunder message. For the most part, you possibly get that ready when your licenses aren’t stored.


As a matter of first importance, you’ll require the notorious RAP Renew License on PS3. Download a program called PSNStuff by LoOzers to observe the game you need and save the RAP record.

  • Download reactPSN 2.25
  • Duplicate pkg records for reactPSN and your game to USB:/
  • Duplicate the game RAP documents into usb:/exdata/
  • However, ensure you’re not associated with PSN (being on the web is fine)

The magic

  • Plug the USB into the right USB port (it’s the second from the left if taking a gander at it on a level plane)
  • Introduce the game + any updates
  • Introduce reactPSN
  • Make another client called “aa”
  • Change to “aa”
  • With the usb still connected, run reactPSN
  • It ought to restart and show the sign in screen
  • The “aa” profile ought to have renamed itself to some status message
  • Sign into your standard non-aa profile
  • Eliminate usb drive (you’re finished with it)
  • Your game should now work.

*update 30/4/2013* Updated sources and guidelines about RAP records.

Step 1

Click “PlayStation Network” on the Renew License on PS3 menu, then, at that point, click “Sign In.” After you sign in, “Record Management” shows up on the menu.

Step 2

Click “Record Management,” then, at that point “Exchange Management.”

Step 3

Click “Download List” to see a rundown of all things you recently downloaded.

Step 4

Click on a thing in the rundown to download it once more. You can download as a large number of the things as you need.

Renew License on PS3

How would I get my game back from my PS3?

Explore to Game > Renew License on PS3. Press the Triangle button and select Copy Multiple. Check every one of the games you need to back up saved information for, then, at that point, press OK. Pick your USB drive as objective gadget, then, at that point, trust that the duplicate activity will finish.

Go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Wallet > Transaction History. Select your desired record to see exchanges for. Select the exchange date range and select Next.

Indeed. You can go on PSN and see all your downloads and once again download anything you’ve bought. Doesnt work with recordings. They can’t be redownloaded like games.

This element is otherwise called “Offer Play”. Game sharing comes to where you can approach every one of the games that your companion possesses for nothing! Albeit game sharing isn’t suggested, you will not get prohibited for utilizing it right now.

There’s no restriction to the quantity of control center you can download a game on, yet just two games can be played simultaneously – one on your essential framework, one on an optional control center, which you should be signed into. Sony has additionally uncovered you’ll have the option to change which PS4 is your essential framework assuming you really want to.

What Causes The Locked Icon on Renew License on PS3? The locked symbol is for the most part a theft anticipation framework. This exists to stop one individual imparting games to others that they don’t have a license to play.

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