How To Reset a HomePod Mini Without Phone

How To Reset a HomePod Mini Without Phone

Whether you are hoping to sell your HomePod or part with it, you ought to reset it to factory settings first. This will erase all your personal information and data connected to the gadget. Reset a HomePod can also fix most issues you are having with your gadget, like WiFi availability issues. This is the way to reset your HomePod or HomePod Mini, regardless of an iPhone or a Mac PC.

There are three straightforward ways to reset a ‌HomePod mini‌. The first can be done via the Home app on iPhone or iPad, the second purposes the physical controls on the speaker, and the third includes a PC. On the off chance that the primary technique doesn’t work, attempt the second, and if out of the blue that doesn’t work Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2, utilize the third.

This article explains how to reset your HomePod utilizing an Apple gadget or the actual speaker. You can reset your HomePod assuming you’re having inconvenience associating with it and a restart doesn’t work. Or on the other hand, assuming you’re selling it or sending it in for administration, you ought to Reset a HomePod to its factory settings.

To reset your HomePod without a Mac or iOS gadget, turn off it and wait 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for 5 seconds. Then, press and hold the center button on top of the gadget until you hear three blares.

Before You Reset Your HomePod

You ought to possibly reset your HomePod when absolutely necessary. As Apple states, you ought to reset your HomePod when you are sending the gadget in for administration, are selling or parting with the gadget, or want to return the gadget to its factory settings.

Assuming you are having inconvenience interfacing with your HomePod or it isn’t answering as it ought to, attempt to restart it prior to resetting it.

Reset Your HomePod Using iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Very much like initially setting up your HomePod with the Home app on your Apple gadget, you can reset it. In this way, open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and follow these steps.

  • Locate your HomePod in the Home app. You can do this by choosing the Room your Reset a HomePod is in or on the other hand in the event that you have it in your Favorites on the Home tab.
  • On iPhone or iPad, tap and hold the HomePod symbol. On Mac, double tap the HomePod symbol.
  • Whenever the window for your HomePod displays, look past Now Playing and Alarms to see the settings. You can also tap or snap the gear symbol to bounce down to the settings rapidly.

  • Select Reset HomePod.
  • Pick Remove Accessory and then, at that point, tap Remove.

Reset a HomePod

It may take several minutes for your HomePod to reset. At the point when it gets done, you ought to hear a ring on the speaker.

Reset Your HomePod Using the Device

In the event that you cannot reset your HomePod utilizing the Home app, you can do as such on the actual speaker.

  • Turn off your HomePod from its power source, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Wait another 10 seconds and then, at that point, place your finger on the top focus of the HomePod.
  • Keep your finger in place and you’ll see the turning white light become red.
  • Siri will let you know your HomePod is preparing to reset. Whenever you hear the three signals, lift your finger.

Reset Your HomePod Mini Using Mac

Assuming you have a Reset a HomePod, you also have the choice to restore it to its factory settings utilizing your Mac. This is because this smaller form of the original HomePod has a USB-C connector which can be connected to your Mac.

  • Interface your HomePod smaller than expected to your Mac utilizing the USB-C cable on the speaker.
  • Open Finder on your Mac and expand Locations in the sidebar.
  • Select your HomePod small scale in the sidebar and snap Restore HomePod on the right.

  • Click Restore to affirm. You’ll see the improvement of the reset cycle at the bottom of the Finder window which can take several minutes.

Reset a HomePod

  • Whenever you see the message that your HomePod has been restored to its factory settings, click OK.
  • Click the launch button close to the HomePod small in the sidebar and detach the cable.

In the event that restarting your HomePod doesn’t fix the issues or on the other hand assuming you genuinely need to reset the gadget to its factory settings, it’s easy enough with Reset a HomePod.

How would I associate my HomePod to another Wi-Fi organization?

Interface with the organization with your iPhone by going to Settings > Wi-Fi. Then, open the Home app, tap and hold the HomePod symbol, and tap Move Reset a HomePod to arrange.

Is there any valid reason why my HomePod won’t associate with W-Fi?

You may be attempting to associate with some unacceptable organization. Your iPhone and HomePod ought to be associated with the same organization while setting up your HomePod. If the steps above for interfacing with another organization don’t work, have a go at resetting your HomePod.

How would I utilize Apple AirPlay with my HomePod?

You can pay attention to Spotify, Pandora, and other music administrations assuming that you set up Apple AirPlay. On your iPhone, go to Control Center > AirPlay and select your HomePod in the Speakers and TVs segment. Then, at that point, open the app you want to stream from and play a tune.

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