How to Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer

How to Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer

HP routinely delivers new firmware versions for printer improvements, application updates, or issue fixes. Update the firmware routinely to benefit from your printer. This report applies to some more seasoned Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer business printers. For instructions on how to update the firmware for a more up to date HP LaserJet Enterprise or HP LaserJet Pro model, go to one of the accompanying connections.

With the HP Printer firmware update, you can update your Reset BIOS Password in HP Laptop directly from the printer. Web Services and cloud-based printing administrations are upheld by printers fabricated in 2010. These printer models can find and introduce updates through an immediate web connection.

Most PC peripherals, including printers, contain an on-board chip that stores a little program that oversees essential gadget functionality. By and large, the chip and its program are alluded to as firmware. Printer makers occasionally discharge firmware updates, and they are intended to further develop execution, add functionality or fix known bugs.

Staying with your Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer with the most recent firmware keeps the units running ideally. The update, or blazing, process totally eradicates the product on the chip prior to supplanting it with the updated program, so once the interaction starts, you should not hinder it.

What you need to know

Prior to playing out a firmware update, audit these prerequisites:

  • Assuming you host a third-gathering solution, HP prescribes contacting the merchant to ensure that the most recent firmware version is viable with the outsider solution.
  • A firmware update can expect 10 to 30 minutes or more to finish contingent upon the speed of the PC and the connection type to the printer, and any print occupations forthcoming in the printer line.
  • The firmware update process requires an organization or USB connection.
  • Admittance to certain menus on the control board could require administrator honors or a password.

Before updating the firmware

Prior to refreshing the firmware, follow these steps:

  • Ensure no mistake messages show on the control board and clear any that are available.
  • Ensure the printer is in a Ready state and isn’t in rest mode or power save mode.
  • Assuming the firmware update includes an adjustment of the organization of the nonvolatile irregular access memory Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer, make a point to back up any menu settings that have been transformed from the default setting. These settings could get back to the new default settings and should be reconfigured after the update. For a rundown of settings that may be affected by the firmware update, see the Readme record.
  • Really look at the speed of the host PC and the equipment configuration of the printer. The update time relies upon the particular equipment configuration of the printer, for example, the quantity of EIO gadgets introduced, the presence of outer paper-dealing with gadgets and/or different highlights like Fax abilities. The passed time for an update relies upon the I/O move time, which relies upon various things. These incorporate the speed of the host PC that is sending the update and the I/O technique (Local Port or organization), as well as the time that it takes for the printer reinitialize.

Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer

Step one: Print a configuration page

To decide the ongoing firmware level and acquire the IP address, print a configuration page.

  • On the printer control board, select the Administration icon or the Menu button.
  • On MFP models, open the CONFIGURATION/STATUS PAGES menu.
  • Select Print or OK.

On the printed configuration page under the “Gadget Information” section, find the firmware date code to decide the ongoing firmware level. The firmware date code will look something like this: 20040322 48.001.0.

Step two: Download the latest firmware

The HP LaserJet firmware download accessible from contains firmware for the printer, implanted JetDirect (if appropriate), and Update Firmware on HP Laserjet Printer taking care of adornments utilized with the printer in one convenient record.

  • Go to HP FutureSmart – Latest Firmware Versions, decide the most recent version of firmware accessible for the printer, and contrast it and the version introduced on the printer (see the configuration page).
  • Utilize the connections in the HP FutureSmart – Latest Firmware Versions record to go straightforwardly to the printer download page, download the firmware, and afterward remove all documents.
  • Ensure the printer is On and in a prepared state.
  • Note the location of the .rfu document.

Step three: Update the firmware

Follow these steps to update the firmware from a distance for a solitary printer or numerous printers all at once utilizing HP Web Jetadmin 10.4 SR2 or more up to date.

The duration of these steps shifts relying upon the printer firmware record size and server limit. Regardless of whether HP Web Jetadmin is introduced on a top of the line server, HP suggests that you downplay other HP Web Jetadmin assignments while any firmware overhauls are running since it is an asset serious operation.

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